Thursday, January 24, 2008

The gender race.

Folks, a black woman (yes, a person who is both black and a woman!) has been the face of America abroad for the past three years. It hasn't made America any more loved around the world. Not a whit.

It's the United States' foreign policy that has given the country a bad rep, lest we all forget, not the fact that the president is a white man.

How much more election "analysis" do I have to read that can only see the Democratic primaries as black vs white, male vs female, or hope vs change?

That's the only point I really wanted to make. Well, OK, one more: If you Democrats actually care so much about the image projected to the world by the US president, please consider the optics of having Clintons and Bushs in power for twenty years. It may make some of us - perhaps especially those of us who have studied and admired your country's democratic history - think your democracy is about as evolved as Pakistan's.

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