Sunday, January 06, 2008

Le Journal de Montreal and the Case of the Mysterious Igloos

Mysterious to the paper, anyway. Is it really that surprising that someone bored or a group of students might go out one day and make an igloo on Mount Royal for fun? Le Journal's theory that it is a homeless Inuit who build these igloos seems slightly farfetched to me. (But not to the Centre d'amitié autochtone de Montréal, so what do I know?)

Regardless of who built them, is Les amis de la montagne truly correct in saying that it is illegal to build unauthorised igloos on the mountain? Appalling. I think all Canadians should have an inalienable right to build igloos in public spaces.

One more question: How long, you think, before Le Journal links this to the reasonable accommodation debate?


Anonymous said...

The story ran on CJAD, and it wasn't any clearer
there. I'm not sure where the story came from,
was it in the French press first and then migrated
or did some third party bring it up to both?

CJAD had a comment from someone at the Native
Friendship Center, and I thought that was a bit
about how it might be someone from up North and
homeless, but can't remember.

Since it was a vague story, I kind of assumed the
illegality was about someone living on the mountain.
But again, the story didn't really go into depth.

What makes it more interesting is that there will
apparently be an "Igloofest" the next two weekends
down near the Old Port. The blurb I read said there'd
even be an "igloo village".
though I can't get in, another case of a group that
things flash is more important than information.

I just heard about that yesterday, but on seeing it,
I can't help but wonder if the "mystery igloos" were
either a practice run, or an attempt at promoting
the event. It seems odd to find two local igloo
references in a month.


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