Sunday, February 17, 2008

An announcement: The next stage.

Someone must teach website designers to spellcheck. See Factory Theatre's Calender and Theatre Passe Muraille's Season Calender. Ar!

Anyway, it's time to stop worrying about these things, take off my subeditor hat and put my full-time writing hat back on. I have a new job: I am, starting Tuesday, the theatre critic at The Globe and Mail.

This week, I boxed up my things, put them on a ship and hopped a plane from London back to Toronto. It was a tough decision to pack things in just as I was feeling settled in England and at the Guardian and finally wrapping my head around the city's sprawling theatre scene, but I am very attracted to the unique challenges of this position. As I blogged four years ago:
A local Toronto actor, who I'll assume wants to remain anonymous, let me in on an interesting local tidbit: One of the backstage toilets in the St Lawrence Centre is named the Ray Conologue, after The Globe and Mail's former theatre critic.

Ah... Something to aspire to.
I am quite, er, flushed to be following in the footsteps of such illustrious predecessors. Now I hope some young Turk (or, perhaps more accurately, young jerk) in the blogosphere will follow in my footsteps and take me to task the way I used to (occasionally) go after Kamal Al-Solaylee on this blog. (Though I did have kind words for him as well.) I am very much looking forward to the slings and arrows and having to unlist my phone number.


amy said...

congrats! ;)

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Wow! I'm impressed!


Sarah said...

Kelly...that's amazing. Congratulations! We're glad to have you back in the motherland.