Sunday, March 02, 2008

Genocide by side.

Moving across the ocean, starting a new job, apartment hunting and catching a cold really take it out of you, so here are links to a couple of reviews I meant to put up last week: Richard Kalinoski's A Crooked Man (1.5 stars) and Marjorie Chan's a nanking winter (2 stars).

It does not give me pleasure to be so stingy on the stars, so I thought we'd start off the week here praising something I did enjoy last week, but which wasn't for review. I went to a pay-what-you-can staged reading of the Rumoli Brothers' An Inconvenient Musical, a Fringe hit that I missed last summer. It was a great reminder of the tremendous comic talent on offer in Toronto, featuring as it did two of my favourite funnymen anywhere: Paul Bates and Chris Gibbs. After a play about the Armenian genocide and another about the rape of Nanking, I needed a good laugh and said laugh was duly supplied. Looking forward to the remount at Factory later this year...

Hey! Paul Wells has tagged me in one of these meme things... I am to share six non-important things/habits/quirks about myself. Will think about it while I ride my unicycle to sign my new lease.

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