Saturday, March 29, 2008

An omen?

Now this: "For the first time in living memory, Stratford Ontario announces the cancellation of the annual spring release of the Swans scheduled to take place on March 30th at 2:00 pm."

Kate Taylor has a thoughtful piece today on "performing-arts institutions struggling with issues of succession and leadership" - not just Stratford, but CanStage (which I am now apparently supposed to call Canadian Stage) and the Canadian Opera Company. "Stratford will have to see if one very busy McAnuff, who was hired in part because of his success directing on Broadway, can provide sufficient direction, with perhaps a few genuine artistic associates filling in the blanks," she writes. "It's probably a more promising scenario than the one Canadian Stage faces. In a tough climate, and facing stiff local competition, the company must define its theatrical personality with an artistic director playing second fiddle to a producer who has been in place for decades."

On the subject of a possible associate artistic director working under McAnuff at Stratford, the London Free Press reports this today: "McAnuff dismissed as 'malarkey' a suggestion that an associate artistic director was being brought in to ease some of his load."


William Shakespeare said...

What about me? Where do I fit in all this? Am I nobody?

Anonymous said...

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William Shakespeare said...

Is that your answer to my question? - WS

J. Kelly said...

I would delete that comment spam, but for your funny follow-up, Bill.