Thursday, April 10, 2008

Four stars in today's Globe!

Unfortunately, they're divided between two shows. Two go to Rough House in Toronto:
Mime is a four-letter word - anyone who can count will agree. Children are unable to count, however (right?), so Andy Massingham's physical-theatre piece Rough House had them rolling in the aisles the other day at Toronto's Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People. One child was literally rolling until his mother restrained him, thank god.
And the other two go to The Mystery of Maddy Heisler at the Centaur in Montreal:
The Mystery of Maddy Heisler introduces Montrealers to director Roy Surette, who was appointed head of the Centaur Theatre last summer, though he had never worked in the theatre or the city. By placing much of the action of this Nova Scotia play in a pool of water centre stage, Surette clearly hopes to make a splash in his first outing here. Unfortunately, the result is a bit of a washout.
On the other hand: Robert Crew gives Rough House three stars in the Tororonto Star (sic). Or, rather, Crew gave the show three stars three years ago - they've reprinted his review from then.

Meanwhile, The Montreal Gazette's Pat Donnelly gets the knives out for Maddy Heisler and new Centaur A-D Surette: "Although The Mystery of Maddy Heisler does not mark an auspicious directorial debut at Centaur for Surette, it must be remembered that he did not choose the play (former artistic director Gordon McCall did). But it does raise questions about his dramaturgical skills and his ability to provoke exciting performances from actors who have proven more than capable elsewhere." Yikes! (I previously blogged about Surette here.)

Elsewhere, some excellent news: Slings and Arrows, my fave Canadian TV series of all time (and third favourite TV series regardless of national origin), is being remade in Brazil by City of God director Fernando Meirelles. Meirelles is also directing Blindness, the upcoming adaptation of José Saramago's novel of the same name by Don McKellar, who starred in Slings and Arrows. How much am I looking forward to that movie? Much!

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