Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Jian Ghomeshi on Stratford Festival.

This is what the discussion really needed: less oh-so-clev refences to Julius Caesar, and more references to Hall & Oates.

In other news, having grown accustomed to waking up to Radio 4 in the UK, I was dreading returning to CBC Radio 1 and having my slumber broken by that terribly unfunny deep-voiced man who introduces The Current and then later on enduring the blather that is Sounds Like Canada. But now I get up earlier and am really enjoying Andy Barrie in the morn, Jian's Q in the afternoon when I hear it, and last night I was listening to As It Happens and I almost weeped as I remembered what a first-class program that is. (The Globe and Mail's Graeme Smith was on last night talking about Afghanistan and his incredible Talking to the Taliban series.)


Anonymous said...

Agreed. The guy on "The Current". Your Daily Dose of Incredibly Unfunny and Pointless.

Anonymous said...

Jesus wept!

Anonymous said...

But you complained about Radio 4 every day! You're rewriting history!