Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My first four-star review: L'Homme invisible/The Invisible Man

L'Homme invisible/The Invisible Man

It's nice to be able to give out the full marks today for Ottawa's Théâtre de la Vieille 17's stage adaptation of Franco-Ontarian Patrice Desbiens's 1981 poem L'Homme invisible/The Invisible Man:
Dressed entirely in white, the Invisible Man and l'Homme invisible - two halves of one Franco-Ontarian - stand halfway up stepladders, side by side, never touching. Suspended in air, they are the two solitudes trapped in a single body, talking to each other and past each other in English and French, trying to figure out who they are...

This monologue for two actors is like a Canadian Waiting for Godot, but with Vladimir and Estragon waiting for themselves to show up.
On the other hand: Well, Eye's Christopher Hoile seems to be the only other critic from the English press to have shown up, and he likes it too, giving 4/5 stars: "Few works in recent memory have interrelated spoken word, live music, light and projections in such minute detail and to such great effect."

You'll lose a little bit if you don't speak French, but I think it will be a rewarding experience nonetheless. Heck, even if you spoke only Portuguese I'd recommend you go, because it's so beautiful to look at.

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