Thursday, April 17, 2008

So, where are the Canadian plays about Afghanistan?

Asks I in today's Globe, while writing about Ravi Jain's recent night of "reality" theatre about Iraq, Winter Soldiers.

One commenter suggests I should listen to CBC Radio One's Afghanada, which employs such playwrights as Andrew Moodie, Greg Nelson, Adam Pettle, Jason Sherman, Hannah Moscovitch, Emil Sher and Bobby Theodore.

Elsewhere in themed essays written by critics land (it's been a slower period for Toronto theatre), the Star's Richard Ouzounian ponders why Colleen Murphy is being so insistent that her December Man characters are not based on the Blais family.

Elsewhere elsewhere, I see S├ębastien Tellier's Eurovision entry on behalf of France is in peril because the lyrics are in English. I am very disappointed that no articles about this controversy have used "Gallictronica" to describe his music. My latest failed attempt to coin a word.


Anonymous said...

Is there something going on in Afghanistan? I didn't realize.

'Scuse me, I've got to get back to writing my quirky little clown show about dating.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your Globe & Mail article got them chatting away.

Nice work.