Wednesday, May 07, 2008

From Sweeney Todd to Tricky Dick

Len Cariou, most famous for being Broadways' original Demon Barber of Fleet Street, is going to play Richard Nixon in the Canadian premiere of Frost/Nixon in Vancouver and Toronto. This should be good! Manitoba's one and only Tony winner has the jowls down already.

David Storch as David Frost though? We'll see how it works out - Michael Sheen's great performance (and hair) in the role will be hard to wipe from my mind. (Frank Langella was the critically lauded award-winner in the West End/Broadway productions of Frost/Nixon, but Sheen was perfect. He's just always overshadowed by the actors playing iconic figures - by Langella as Nixon, by Helen Mirren's Lizzie in The Queen... He's too good an actor to upstage them and win awards.)

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