Thursday, May 22, 2008

'Night Mother round-up

Greetings from Shaw Festival where I'm immersed in a busy week of five performances... So, just a quick link to my 'Night Mother review in the Globe. Three stars out of four for Megan "Anne Of Green Gables" Follows and her ma Dawn Greenhalgh:
As the simple but sturdy Thelma, Greenhalgh gives a desperate performance, flustered and flailing as she searches for something to say or do that will save her daughter. She tries flattery and insults, truth and lies, but it's of no use.

Lower on the dial, Follows plays Jessie as cool and calm - with a shocking little smile that intermittently appears on her face. Yet there's something a bit too sophisticated and urbane in her portrayal of this awkward, Southern loner. An epileptic, Jessie has lost her husband, her son's a junkie and her beloved father is gone - but Follows's untempered eloquence and grace make it seem unlikely that her only option is to kill herself.
The Toronto Sun's John Coulbourn agrees Follows is miscast in his 3.5/5 star review, while Richard Ouzounian gives full marks in the Star. UPDATE: Cushman agrees - mother trumps daughter. And Christopher Hoile in Eye goes with 3/5 stars.

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