Friday, May 16, 2008

Noh sex please, we're Japanese.

My review of two shows at Factory Theatre's Performance Spring is in today's Globe. Sexual Practices of the Japanese gets 2.5/4 stars, while Two Stroke Roll gets 1/4:
Without a relationship or central idea to anchor it, Sexual Practices of the Japanese floats from bleak moment to funny moment until its sudden and unearned climax. It does, however, include an onstage demonstration of "the world's first virtual wireless intercourse enabler," reason enough to take in this original, but unfocused piece.

Original is a double-edged sword of a word that can equally be applied to David King. Also part of the Performance Spring is Two Stroke Roll, two one-acters written and performed by this Western Canadian playwright. ... King's monotonous, rhythmic delivery is hypnotic, which may be a polite way of saying that it was hard to stay awake.
On the other hand: Sexual Practices... has been getting really strong reviews elsewhere. The Star's R.O. gives it 3.5/4 stars and an extended sashimi metaphor, Robert Cushman has some kind words in the National Post, and Gord McLaughlin whips out 4/5 stars in Eye. Blog TO and Torontoist have weighed in favourably as well. Jon Kaplan in Now goes with 3/5.

In the Star, Two Stroke Roll gets 2/4 stars from Bob Crew and the unfortunate headline "Two Stroke Roll a grim evening of theatre".

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