Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stratford Festival: Romeo and Juliet

Read it online before it hits the paper tomorrow. Two and a half stars out of four for Des McAnuff's first Stratford production since 1983:
In the thrilling opening to his new production, a pregnant woman and her baby get caught in the crossfire of rival gangs of Capulets and Montagues, who duel with switchblades, pistols and Vespas until the Prince breaks them up with his Uzi. The following flashy scenes set in modern-day Italy include iPod-toting Lolitas and a barista making espressos right on stage. ...
After the spectacular opening, McAnuff has a few more tricks up the humungous sleeves of Paul Tazewell's colourful costumes. None, however, are clever enough to paper over the production's gaping hole: a Romeo and a Juliet who are both out of their depth. [Read the whole thing.]
It's not all set in modern-day Italy, by the way. I think it's quite clever what McAnuff has done, read the review to find out more, he wrote coyly and hoping to keep his review atop the "Most Viewed" list.

On the other hand: Richard Ouzounian's the only other one with a review up so far. He has many of the same things to say in The Star: 2.5/4 stars. (Those of you who are fond of the Ooze's "cool dad" moments, will enjoy his incorporation of the phrase, "Don't be hatin'.")

Has a Stratford show ever ended with a Cure song before? Something tells me no...

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