Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Canadian Theatre in New York Day.

Look, it's a somewhat-difficult-to-figure-out-if-it's-positive-or-negative review in the New York Times of Bash'd!, the gay hip-hopera by Nathan Cuckow and Chris Craddock:
The production confers a kind of sainthood on [main characters] Dillon and Jack — taking a supernatural turn at one point, it appropriates the heavenly wings of “Angels in America” — but then “Bash’d!” isn’t drama; it’s fabulist agitprop. Yet it comes down to earth at the right times, and is blunt where it needs to be, in its vigorous defense of gay marriage and in a haunting recitation of names of people murdered in homophobic hysteria, beginning with Matthew Shepard and Brandon Teena. And going on. And on. And on. In such moments “Bash’d!” shows its rage, its grief and its driven, heartfelt determination.
Here's the unabash'dly positive review from AP. I love the headline in particular: "‘Bash’d’ champions gay civil rights — in rap." That's kind of like: "Old people in documentary sing about aging - in rock'n'roll!" or "Woman makes way to market - on bicycle!"

(I'm allowed to make jokes about copy editors, because some of my best friends are copy editors.)


megan said...

I was really sad that I missed Bash'd last year, the timing just never worked. I'm really glad to hear they've gotten a write-up, and will wait patiently for them to come back so I can makes sure I get to them this time.

Fence Athens said...

Bash'd is "can't miss"! I will be waiting too.