Monday, June 02, 2008

Euripides pants? Eumenides now!

Stratford Festival's The Trojan Women gets three stars from me. Great cast, low-budget sci-fi design:
If the Stratford Shakespeare Festival should ever find itself under attack by ancient Greeks, never fear: The theatre's female company members could easily repel them. The Trojan Women shows just how ferociously strong four of them - Martha Henry, Kelli Fox, Seana McKenna and Yanna McIntosh - can be. [Read on.]
I'm sorry Marti Maraden had to bear the brunt of that little where-are-the-exciting-Canadian-directors rant at the end of the review. It could have been dropped in to many a review...

On the other hand, TTW gets a full 5/5 rave from John Coulbourn in the Sun, 3.5/4 from The Star's Richard Ouzounian and a rave from the Waterloo Record too


MK Piatkowski said...

Hey Kelly, I found your closing comments interesting, being a Canadian director myself. I've heard these complaints before and I'm trying to make sense of them. So telling a great story on a bare stage is boring? Throwing the kitchen sink in onstage is innovative? Is there anything in-between?

I guess I'd like to know what is considered being innovative and what I should be doing to be considered exciting and innovative. Can you elaborate?

alison said...

MK, innovation can't be defined or specified like that - there's no checklist to go through that will make you a visionary director. You just have to show audiences something they haven't seen before, and make them think about a story in a new way.