Friday, June 13, 2008

Hive2 gets Stars3

I'm on holiday in Montreal until Thursday, but some of the Magnetic North reviews are still appearing.

UPDATE: And here's the 2.5/4 star review for So Many Doors by Celia McBride.


sean said...

if you're in montreal for the fringe, kelly, come down to Argument With A Dolphin. i am in it!

Michael Black said...

Wouldn't that be one of those "busman's holidays"?
When this hits the newswire in a bit, everyone
will be campaigning for you to come to their
show. "Uncalled For" alone can probably provide
five or six shows to see.

Have you seen that Ira Dubinsky is now an executive
assistant for Jack Layton? He seems to be on CJAD
every Friday morning on a panel to talk about politics.
A far cry from his days as a Fringe rover, or even his
last year, when he was the "assistant producer".


H Pidd said...

dear j Kelly, i would like to read the whole Hive2 review. Please can you send it to me? thank you kindly, h Pidd