Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well, OK, the weather isn't Vanastic at all in Vancouver. But the Magnetic North theatre festival ain't half bad. Though there have been a couple of hitches - here's my report from today's Globe:
Do disasters always strike in three? The Magnetic North Theatre Festival's recent run of lousy luck is testing the principle out.

First, Calgary playwright Sharon Pollock's house burned down.

Then, Newfoundland director Lois Brown was hit by a car and is in hospital with broken legs.

Finally, on Monday night, the RMS Titanic sank. [Read on.]
And a few new reviews: Loft from The 7 Fingers (Les 7 doigts de la main) gets four stars; Kevin Loring's debut play Where the Blood Mixes gets two and a half stars; and Tim Supple's A Midsummer Night's Dream gets 3.5 stars (this one's at Luminato in Toronto).

I have also seen April 14, 1912, Theatre Rusticle's dance-theatre piece about the Titanic (which previously got four stars in the Globe from Paula Citron); Hive2 (the review will appear in a day or two); and Townsville, the Mag North student production which was all about, er, the concerns of theatre students, but was well-performed, had a great design and featured Crystal Castles' Air War, which is basically all you need to win me over.

And I've seen all this while battling labyrinthitis, which explains the lack of bloggery and also explains why I am so looking forward to taking a week off starting Friday.

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Megan said...

Oh, nice, I'm heading to Midsummer Night's Dream tonight, now I'm doubly excited.