Sunday, June 01, 2008

You have to be pooing me.

From The New York Times magazine's recent article The Return of the One-Man Band:
[Owen] Pallett’s decision to limit his options seems motivated not by a desire to do less with his songs, in a minimalist sense, but by the hope of avoiding those things that most bands do too much of. The sleeve of Final Fantasy’s most recent album (the title is at once innocent and vulgar, and can’t be printed here) lists violin, trombone, concertina, accordion, harpsichord, a string quartet, shouting and a monologue among its instruments, but guitar is nowhere to be found; neither, for that matter, is a drum kit.
The New York Times can't print He Poos Clouds? That's just ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

The NYT poos clouds of neocon propaganda.

Anonymous said...

While it is silly that they didn't print the album title, NYT is far from neocon propaganda.

Anonymous said...

They've got a lot of work to do towards redemption ... Judith Miller, yellowcake, hello?

Frankly, anybody who doesn'r completely endorse Obama right now is a NEOCON.