Friday, October 17, 2008

Post-election thought: What is a working family, anyway?

Are we talking one of those families where everyone pitches in on the farm or at the convenience store? Do the babies have to work too for a family to qualify?

Are dysfunctional families excluded? Who will stand up for dysfunctional families? Next election, I want to vote for a party that stands up for really dysfunctional families and for a leader who will put TV-tray priorities ahead of the put-your-tray-in-the-upright-position- please-mr-oil-drinking-baby-eating-corporate-welfare-bum priorities.

And I want a leader who can focus on the real important things, like distinguishing between sweater vests and sweaters and other woolly garments, and who can make real cutting remarks about these items of clothing. Like maybe, "Is that a hidden agenda under your cardigan, or are you just happy to see your oilmen friends throw the tar sands up on that pinball machine over there?"

And I want a new kind of strong. A really new kind of strong, not just a strapping or a sinewy or a stalwart. I want, like, a weak strong. Yeah. That'd be much better than the old strong strong. The old strong was just a little too strong for me really.

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