Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Things I don't care about.

Puffin poop.

Gerry Ritz's stupid jokes.

Ripped-off speeches.

Julie Couilliard. Especially Julie Couillard.

I suspect many other Canadians feel like I do, so you'd better not focus on these inconsequential trivialities tonight, Party Leaders Who Are Not Harper Especially the Liberal One. I can't believe, PLWANHETLO, that you have me managed to make me feel sympathy for the Conservatives!

Please, what a waste of time when there are important issues to debate like:

1. The economy. On the whole, I'm interested in a party that is fiscally responsible. There are many ways to be fiscally irresponsible - one of the most popular ways so-called conservative parties do it is to cut taxes while increasing spending as the possibility of a global recession looms.

2. Respect for all Canadians. We can disagree about which government programs are wasteful and which are important. But cynically pitting some Canadians against other Canadians for electoral gain - that's not leadership I can get behind.

3. Omar Khadr. How can we stand up for Canada if we don't stand up for Canadians, especially those who are not yet adults? (Or, rather, who weren't yet adults.) Yes, even those who belong to families we may not be particularly fond of.

These are what I want to hear the leaders talk about tonight. These are the issues that have led me to decide not to vote Conservative in this election. My vote is otherwise up for grabs. I don't vote strategically and neither do the majority of Canadians.

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Anders said...

3. b) Seeking clemency for Canadians facing the death penalty abroad. Why on earth did we stop doing this?